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Choosing a seat in the plane

Azimuth Airlines offer its passengers the opportunity to choose a seat in the plane. You can choose your preferred place either directly at the airport of departure at the check-in desk, or during the online services process.

At the airport of departure:

«Priority» and «Priority+» is a new service with additional amenities. The passenger, who uses the option of choosing a seat, takes seat in the front part of the cabin.

«Priority+» is choosing a seat in the rows 1 to 3 with reclining backs and increased distance between rows, with extended legroom and location in the front part of the cabin.

«Priority» is choosing a seat in the rows 4 to 5 with reclining backs and placement in the front part of the aircraft’s cabin or a seat in the rows 6 to 20 (21) of AC armchair block.

These services are provided for an additional fee and may be ordered at the ticket offices of the authorized agent at the airport at the check-in stage not earlier than 3 hours before the flight departure.

  • «Priority+»1 400 rubles including VAT.
  • «Priority» (seats of rows 4 to 5) – 600 rubles including VAT.
  • «Priority» (AC seats of rows 6-20/21) – 600 rubles including VAT.

Using the online services:

Choice of a seat in the airplane is a paid service that gives the passenger the right to choose a place by means of the online services of airline. Service is provided only for regular flights of Azimuth Airlines on routes available for online registration.

Choice of a place is available through the following online services:

1. In the process of issuing a flight ticket. Service is available for the entire term of the sale of flight tickets, regardless of the time before flight departure. But at the same time it remains necessary to pass the procedure for check-in of a passenger for a flight.

2. In the process of online registration with simultaneous check-in for a flight. Online check-in starts within 24 hours and ends 3 hours before the flight departure.

In online services, a fixed fee is charged for the service on the following conditions:

  • Seats on 1-3 rows ** - 1 200 rubles* including VAT.
  • Seats on 4-5 rows - 500 rubles* including VAT.
  • Seats on 6-20/21 rows of AC seas block - 500 rubles* including VAT.
  • Seats on 6-20/21 rows of DEF seas block - 250 rubles* including VAT.

* If you pay online on the website of «AZIMUTH Airlines» JSC not with a ruble bank card, then currencies are converted automatically at the rates of the card-issuing bank.

** Choice of seats on the 1-3 rows during the issuance of flight tickets, depending on the layout of the airplane, is available on free basis upon condition that issued flight tickets are of Comfort class, and free choosing of seats is also provided in the process of online registration for passengers with flight tickets of Comfort class.

Confirmation of payment for choosing the seat is EMD and electronic check of the processing system sent to the passenger’s e-mail.

The refund of the service cost is made in full in case of failure to provide the services in the following cases:

  • Forced refusal of the passenger from carriage stipulated by the rules of AZIMUTH Airlines JSC and Art. 227 of the Federal Aviation Regulations “General Rules of Air Carriage of Passengers, Luggage, Cargoes and Requirements for Servicing the Passengers, Consignors, Consignees” approved by the Order No. 82 of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated June 28, 2007 (hereinafter - FAR # 82);
  • Termination of passenger air carriage contract by AZIMUTH Airlines JSC unilaterally in accordance with Art. 230 of FAR # 82 (except for termination of the passenger air carriage contract by the carrier unilaterally on the grounds provided for in para. 6 of Article 230 of FAR # 82, whereby the amount paid for the service is not refunded to the passenger);
  • Voluntary refusal of the passenger from carriage in accordance with Art. 229 of FAR # 82;
  • Operational replacement of aircraft type;
  • Operational flight cancellation;
  • Making the passenger to change a seat during the flight for other one in order to ensure aviation security;
  • For other reasons affecting the safety of the flight according to decision of the representative of the airlines or crew.

If it is necessary to change seats, the responsible flight attendant on board of the aircraft shall make a note on the hard copy of EMD, or on the boarding pass, or on the itinerary receipt of the of electronic ticket, indicating that the service has not been provided.

Refund is made to the passenger upon his/her contacting the Airlines’ Contact Center by e-mail with the obligatory submission of:

  • application for refund filled in a free form,
  • scanned copy of the identity document, if necessary, a notarized power of attorney,
  • copy of boarding pass,
  • copy of the document confirming that the service was not provided during the flight.

Proceed to online check-in and payment for choosing a seat on the link: online check-in.


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