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Additional meal

Azimuth Airlines offers passengers the possibility of ordering additional meal on board of the aircraft. At the moment, there are rations composing of:

  • «Sandwich»

    №№ Composition Flight Route
    1 Sub
    Fresh cucumber
    Turkey ham
    Russian Cheese
    А4219/А4220 *
    Platov – Vnukovo - Omsk
    Platov - Saint Petersburg
    Platov - Simferopol - Platov
    Platov - Samara - Platov
    Platov - Grozny - Platov
    Platov - Makhachkala - Platov
    Platov - Kazan - Platov
    Platov – Nizhny Novgorod - Platov
    Platov - Ufa - Platov
    Platov - Sochi - Platov
    Platov – Mineralnye Vody - Platov
    Platov - Volgograd - Platov
    Platov - Elista - Platov
    Simferopol - Makhachkala - Simferopol
    Elista - Sochi - Elista
    Platov - Saransk - Platov
    Elista - Vnukovo - Elista
    Platov - Novosibirsk - Platov *
    2 Loaf
    Parboiled chicken fillet
    Leaf of «Iceberg» salad
    Cooked and smoked beef
    Krasnodar – Vnukovo - Grozny - Vnukovo - Krasnodar
    Krasnodar – Saint Petersburg - Krasnodar
    Krasnodar – Simferopol - Krasnodar
    Krasnodar - Makhachkala - Krasnodar
    Krasnodar – Ufa - Krasnodar
    Simferopol - Mineralnye Vody - Simferopol
    3 «Focaccio» bread
    Mayonnaise in the composition
    Leaf of «Iceberg» salad
    Chicken ham
    Gouda Cheese
    Saint Petersburg – Grozny - Saint Petersburg
    Saint Petersburg – Stavropol - Saint Petersburg
    Saint Petersburg – Platov
    4 Sub
    Fried chicken fillet
    Leaf of «Iceberg» salad
    Dutch Cheese
    Omsk – Vnukovo
    Vnukovo – Platov
  • Hot meal

    • "Rostov meat", hot drink

      Stewed cubes of beef with vegetables in combination with friable buckwheat. Tea, coffee, sugar.

    • "Chicken fricassee in orange sauce", hot drink

      Chicken in cream with oranges in combination with stewed rice. Tea, coffee, sugar.

    • "Goldfish", hot drink

      Fillet of fried white fish with onions in combination with stewed rice. Tea, coffee, sugar.

  • Snack

    • "Meat plateau with vegetables", hot drink

      Meat platter with fresh vegetables. Tea, coffee, sugar.

    • "Mixed vegetables Vitamin", hot drink

      Vegetable snack. Fresh cucumber, tomato, bell pepper, lettuce. Tea, coffee, sugar.

Information about the composition of meals, calories, expiration dates are indicated on the labels and package. The type and composition of meals may vary depending on the airport of departure.

* On the indicated flights the passengers are provided with drinks and meals as a service. Light snacks and drinks are provided for an economy class, and hot meals and drinks are provided for a comfort class.

Price of additional meal is

  • Sandwich - 250 rubles** including VAT.
  • Rostov meat - 790 rubles** including VAT.
  • Chicken fricassee in orange sauce - 790 rubles** including VAT.
  • Goldfish - 790 rubles** including VAT.
  • Meat plateau with vegetables - 540 rubles** including VAT.
  • Mixed vegetables Vitamin - 390 rubles** including VAT.

Payment for additional food

Meals can be issued and paid via online services at least 12 hours before the scheduled flight:

  • during the process of ticket issuance, by adding selected rations to the order;
  • during the online check-in process, by adding selected rations to the order;
  • using the online service Orders Searchpassing through order authentication and proceed to the issuance of additional services by pressing the button "Buy services".

** If you pay online on the website of «AZIMUTH Airlines» JSC not with a ruble bank card, then currencies are converted automatically at the rates of the card-issuing bank.

Confirmation of payment for additional meal is EMD and electronic receipt of the processing system sent to the e-mail of passenger.

Refund of the price of the service is made in full in case of forced or voluntary refusal of the passenger from the service and/or from carriage at least 6 hours before the flight departure.

Refund is made to the passenger upon his/her contacting the Airlines’ Contact Center by e-mail with the obligatory submission of:

  • application for refund filled in a free form,
  • scanned copy of the identity document, if the notarized power of attorney is required.


Rostov-on-Don - Ekaterinburg
from 1188 rub
Mineralnye Vody - Simferopol
from 888 rub
  • Rostov on Don - Perm
    from 1080 rub
  • Krasnodar - Simferopol
    from 888 rub
  • Rostov on Don - Kaluga
    from 888 rub
  • Rostov on Don - Mineralnye Vody
    from 888 rub