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Additional meals


Rostov-style meat

Stewed pieces of beef with vegetables, combined with crumbly buckwheat. Tea, coffee, sugar included.

220 gr

949 rub

Chicken fricassee in creamy orange sauce

Chicken in cream with oranges combined with poached rice. Tea, coffee, sugar included.

230 gr

949 rub


Filet of fried white fish with golden onions combined with poached rice. Tea, coffee, sugar included.

220 gr

949 rub


Meat plateau with vegetables

Meat mix with fresh vegetables. Tea, coffee, sugar included.

175 gr

699 rub

Vegetable mix Vitamin

Vegetable snack. Fresh cucumber, tomato, Bulgarian pepper, lettuce leaf. Tea, coffee, sugar included.

111 gr

499 rub


Loaf, fresh cucumber, turkey ham, "Russian" cheese.

140 gr

369 rub



Black tea, sugar, cream.

79 rub


Batch coffee, sugar, cream.

89 rub

Drink of your choice

Hot drink of your choice: black tea or coffee. Sugar, cream.

99 rub

Prices are in rubles including VAT. The price of additional meals on international flights may vary from the price shown.

Confirmation of payment for additional meals is an EMD and an electronic receipt of the processing system sent to the passenger's email.

How to order meals:

  • During the booking
    add the selected menu while issuing the ticket
  • During the registration
    add meals at check-in on website
  • Later with ordering
    additional services
    in "Search for orders" section, by the button "Buy services"


Almaty - Sochi
from 7010 ₽
Samara - Yaroslavl
from 1280 ₽
  • Ереван - Сочи
    from 5876 ₽
  • Баку - Астрахань
    from 6370 ₽
  • Ташкент - Минеральные Воды
    from 8144 ₽
  • Ереван - Минеральные Воды
    from 6366 ₽
  • Баку - Сочи
    from 6370 ₽