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Free allowance of baggage and carry-on luggage

The following conditions apply in the fare groups for the carriage of baggage and carry-on luggage:

Fare groups Booking codes Baggage Carry-on luggage
T, U
V, X
Without baggage
1 piece, 5 kg
1 piece, 10 kg (5 kg *)
Efficient Q, O 1 baggage piece, 23 kg 1 piece, 10 kg (5 kg *)
Optimal N, M, L, K 1 baggage piece, 23 kg 1 piece, 10 kg (5 kg *)
G, E, B, H
1 baggage piece, 23 kg
1 piece, 10 kg (5 kg *)
1 piece, 10 kg
Comfort W, S 2 baggage pieces, 23 kg each 1 piece, 10 kg

* For airtickets for flights from 29 march 2020, issued after 23 december 2019.

Dimensions of free baggage allowance for 1 piece of baggage is not more than 203 cm in the sum of three dimensions, carry-on luggage is not more than 55 cm in length, 40 cm in width, 20 cm in height.

Additionally read more about the terms of transportation of excess baggage and transportation of animals.

Baggage payment

If the carriage of the passenger is issued at a rate that does not involve the carriage of baggage, or an additional piece of baggage is required, it is possible to issue and pay for additional baggage:

  • during the online check-in process, by adding an additional piece of baggage to the order;
  • using the online service Orders Searchpassing through order authentication and proceed to the issuance of additional services by pressing the button "Buy services";
  • at the airport of departure just before your flight.

Full terms and conditions of baggage transportation are placed at the Rules for transportation passengers and luggage.

Before the flight, please read the following: