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Information about the flight

Azimuth Airlines provides the following certificates upon passenger’s personal request:

Type of certificate Charge, rubles (including VAT)
Certificate of the completed flight with the calculation of the cost of the air ticket (including the partially used ticket) 1 500
Certificate of fare rules applied
Certificate of absence of direct scheduled flight
Certificate of ticket cost, divided into segments, in case if the ticket was issued as a transfer
Certificate of excess baggage cost (including divided into segments in case of transfer transportation)
Certificate of cost of additional services paid by the passenger

The term taken to consider the request and provide the information is 7 days from the date of receipt.
The cost of an urgent information is 3000 rubles. The term for preparation of an urgent inquiry is 24 hours from the time the request is received.

The certificate is issued only after confirming the fact of payment.

Documents confirming the passenger’s flight information (the fact of the flight, the cost of the flight, the cost of excess baggage transportation, etc.) can be issued only for:

  1. a person who made the flight;
  2. a person whose minor child has flown (in this case, a birth certificate / child’s passport must be attached to the application);
  3. a person, if he has the powers, confirmed by a power of attorney, executed in accordance with the procedure established by the Civil Code.

Certificates confirming the flight information are not provided to unauthorized person, including a husband, wife, other relative or a third-party organization. Except for the official requests of the Federal legislative and executive authorities, as well as legislative and executive bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local self-government bodies, provided that a motivated request (with a mandatory indication of the reason (material number / other similar) and purpose) is sent within their authority for objectives of the tasks and functions assigned to them.

Informational documents (flight delays, etc.) are provided without restrictions. The information on flight delay or cancellation is provided free of charge.

Please note that the documents for the trip report are the itinerary receipts (electronic tickets) and the originals of the boarding passes.

If you lose your boarding pass, duplicates are not issued!

Procedure for obtaining a certificate:

In order to receive the confirming document, the passenger must send an application (in a free form, specifying the flight date and the route) to email address, attached a scanned copy of passenger's passport.

In application it is also necessary to indicate the preferred method of obtaining the certificate: by email or by post to the address indicated in the request.

The certificate is issued on air-company's letterhead paper signed by the head of information group or a person replacing him in a prescribed manner.

Information of payment methods can be clarified by contacting the Airline on the phone 8 (863) 302–02–20.

The certificate is valid for presentation at the place of request (including for presentation to the accounting department for confirmation of the fact of the flight). The certificate has no limitation on the validity period.


Simferopol - Krasnodar
from 1880 rub
Nizhny Novgorod - Perm
from 888 rub
  • Saratov - Nizhny Novgorod
    from 888 rub
  • Krasnodar - Voronezh
    from 888 rub
  • Rostov on Don - Mineralnye Vody
    from 888 rub
  • Krasnodar - Simferopol
    from 1380 rub