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April 23, 2019

Azimuth Airline continues to sell tickets from Krasnodar to Yerevan and back for the summer season of 2019

Azimuth Airline continues to sell tickets for Krasnodar-Yerevan and Yerevan-Krasnodar flights, now on Sundays as well.

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From June 02, 2019, Azimuth Airline will operate the Krasnodar-Yerevan-Krasnodar flights not only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, but also on Sundays.

The flights can be made according to the following schedule:

  • on Tuesdays, departure from Krasnodar at 18:50, arrival in Yerevan at 21:25;
  • on Thursdays, departure from Krasnodar at 18:30, arrival in Yerevan at 21:05;
  • on Saturdays, departure from Krasnodar at 19:50, arrival in Yerevan at 22:25;
  • on Sundays, departure from Krasnodar at 17:40, arrival in Yerevan at 20:15;
  • on Tuesdays, departure from Yerevan at 22:25, arrival in Krasnodar at 23:05;
  • on Thursdays, departure from Yerevan at 22:05, arrival in Krasnodar at 22:40;
  • on Saturdays, departure from Yerevan at 23:20, arrival in Krasnodar at 23:50;
  • on Sundays, departure from Yerevan at 21:20, arrival in Krasnodar at 22:00.

The time is local for each airport.

You can buy tickets free of additional fees or find news about the airline and flight schedules at the company’s official website.

Photo by Irina Ponomareva

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Rostov-on-Don — Volgograd
Tu, Sa
from 1080 rub
Erevan - Krasnodar
from 31 €
  • Saint Petersburg - Elista
    from 1980 rub
  • Mineralnye Vody - Simferopol
    Mo, Th, Sa, from 2580 rub
  • Rostov on Don - Perm
    from 1380 rub
  • Krasnodar - Volgograd
    We, Fr, Su, from 1180 rub
  • Rostov on Don - Kaluga
    from 1580 rub
  • Rostov on Don - Mineralnye Vody
    from 1080 rub