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January 18, 2022

Azimuth Airlines operated the first flights to Magnitogorsk

The first passengers received flight certificates as a gift from Azimuth Airlines.


Azimuth Airlines performed the first flight in the new direction Mineralnye Vody - Magnitogorsk - Yekaterinburg, connecting the industrial and economic centers of Ural region with one of the most popular resort cities in the North Caucasus. By tradition, passengers who were the first to purchase the tickets for a new flight received certificates from the Azimuth Airlines as a gift.

Tatiana Fominykh was the first to buy a ticket for an Azimuth Airlines flight from Mineralnye Vody to Magnitogorsk, and during check-in for the flight she was awarded a certificate.

Eugeny Litovchenko became the holder of the certificate as the first passenger who was the first to purchase a ticket from Mineralnye Vody to Yekaterinburg.

Victoria Gracheva became the first passenger of the flight A4663 Magnitogorsk – Yekaterinburg, the passenger was also awarded a certificate for the flight.

In International airport Koltsovo in Yekaterinburg Irina Prokhorova and Daria Savchenko were awarded during check in for flight A4664 Yekaterinburg – Magnitogorsk – Mineralnye Vody. Irina Prokhorova was awarded as the first passenger of the first flight of Azimuth Airlines from Yekaterinburg to Magnitogorsk.

Daria Savchenko was the first to purchase a ticket from Yekaterinburg to Mineralnye Vody and also became the owner of the certificate.

Andrey Berdnikov flew from Magnitogorsk to Mineralnye Vody, going on vacation with his family. Now, as a certificate holder, Andrey is planning a new trip with Azimuth Airlines.

Flight A4663/664 Mineralnye Vody - Magnitogorsk - Yekaterinburg - Magnitogorsk - Mineralnye Vody is operated twice a week on Mondays and Fridays according to the schedule:

  • А4663, departure from Mineralnye Vody at 23.05, landing in Magnitogorsk at 03.55 on Tuesday (+1)
  • А4663, departure from Magnitogorsk at 04.55, landing in Yekaterinburg at 05.55
  • А4664, departure from Yekaterinburg at 06.55, landing in Magnitogorsk at 07.55
  • А4664, departure from Magnitogorsk at 08.55, landing in Mineralnye Vody at 09.45

Currently, the tickets are available at minimum fares:

  • From 2580 RUB for the flight Mineralnye Vody – Magnitogorsk
  • From 2730 RUB for the flight Mineralnye Vody – Yekaterinburg
  • From 2580 RUB for the flight Magnitogorsk – Yekaterinburg

The tickets, the additional services and the schedule are available on the official website of Azimuth Airlines.

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