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April 05, 2021

Azimuth Airlines started flights from Bryansk to Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don

The first passengers were traditionally awarded with certificates for a free flight.

Bzk 05.04.21

Azimuth Airlines continues to develop direct flights between the regions of Russia and announces the start of flights on the route Rostov-on-Don – Volgograd – Bryansk.

Tatyana Markova became the first passenger of the flight A4279 Rostov-on-Don – Bryansk.

Photo: Azimuth Airlines

Ella Arsenyeva became the first passenger of flight A4279 Volgograd – Bryansk

Photo: Azimuth Airlines

Sergey Maslenikov was the first to buy a ticket for the flight A4280 Bryansk - Volgograd.

Photo: Azimuth Airlines

Eugeny Epishin received a certificate as the first passenger of the flight A4280 Bryansk – Rostov-on-Don.

Photo: Azimuth Airlines

The operating of this route became possible thanks to the cooperation of Azimuth Airlines with the Government of the Bryansk Region and the Administration of the Volgograd Region. We see that the destination is popular: the load of the board on the first flight is about 70%. Since 2019, Azimuth Airlines is operating flights from Bryansk to Krasnodar and Sochi, since 2020 from Bryansk to St. Petersburg. In 2021, Azimuth Airlines opened flights from Bryansk to Mineralnye Vody. Destination to Volgograd is the fifth direct route from Bryansk", Oleg Dyshkant, Head of the Network and Revenue Department of Azimuth Airlines, said.

The first flight from Bryansk traditionally was met in Volgograd airport with a water arch.

Photo: Olesya Khodunova

Flight A4279/280 is operating twice a week on Tuesdays and Saturdays according to the schedule:

  • A4279: Departure from Rostov-on-Don at 09.00, landing in Volgograd at 10.00
  • A4279: Departure from Volgograd at 10.45, landing in Bryansk at 12.15
  • A4280: Departure from Bryansk at 13.15, landing in Volgograd at 14.40
  • A4280: Departure from Volgograd at 15.25, landing in Rostov-on-Don at 16.20

Tickets, additional services and the schedule are available on the official website of Azimuth Airlines.

Photocredit: Bryansk International Airport

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