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December 23, 2019

Azimuth Airline started operating flights Krasnodar - Munich - Krasnodar

On December 22, 2019 Azimuth Airline operated the first flights from the capital of Kuban to Munich and back.

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Shortly before the New Year and Christmas holidays, Azimuth opened a new direction to the capital of Bavaria, providing its passengers with the opportunity to visit Christmas sales and plunge into the festive atmosphere of New Year Munich. In a new route opening ceremony in Krasnodar took part Deputy Chief of the Pashkovskiy Airport Mr. Ivan Ivanovich Frolov, Deputy Director of Aviation Commerce Directorate Basel Aero Company Mr. Mikhail Aleksandrovich Polienko, Director of Network and Revenue Management Department of Azimuth Airline JSC Mr. Oleg Vladimirovich Dyshkant, and Head of the Krasnodar Branch of Azimuth Airline JSC Mr. Viktor Nikolaevich Baranov. Flight check-in was held in a convivial feel. A passenger, who was the first to buy a ticket for a new direction of the Carrier from the Cuban capital, was Ms. Sofia Gorelik. Ms. Sofia was congratulated and presented with the Free Flight Certificate for any route made by Azimuth Airline.

Check-in for Munich-Krasnodar flight also was held in a convivial feel. Solemn opening of a new flight in Munich was attended by the representative of Munich Airport named after Franz Josef Strauss Mr. Ulrich Theis and the representative of the Azimuth Airline Ms. Irina Orlet. A passenger, who was the first to buy a ticket, was Ms. Ludmila Shumakova. Ms. Ludmila was congratulated and presented with the Free Flight Certificate for any route made by Azimuth Airline.

Let us remind you that the flights to Munich are operated twice a week on Wednesdays and Sundays according to the following schedule:

  • departure from Krasnodar at 09.00, arrival in Munich at 10.55;
  • departure from Munich to 12.00, arrival in Krasnodar to 18.00.

The specified time is local for each airport.

Azimuth Airline provides an opportunity to purchase air tickets at a wide scale of rates, both to the passengers interested in minimum cost and to the passengers demanding comfort.

You can buy tickets without additional fees, get the airline news and flight schedule on the official website of the Carrier.

Photo by Aleksandr Lebedev

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