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Frequently asked questions

How can I return money in case of delay, flight cancellation or health condition (involuntary refund)?

In case of issuing a ticket directly in the airline, you can send an application in free form to and scan (photo) the first turn of passenger's passport. If the reason of the inability to carry out the flight was the passenger's disease, it is also necessary to provide confirming medical documents. You can find more details about the rules and conditions for involuntary refund (full refund of air ticket) in section Rules and conditions for ticket refund on official Azimuth Airlines website.

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Almaty - Sochi
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Samara - Yaroslavl
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  • Ереван - Сочи
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  • Баку - Астрахань
    from 6370 ₽
  • Ташкент - Минеральные Воды
    from 8144 ₽
  • Ереван - Минеральные Воды
    from 6366 ₽
  • Баку - Сочи
    from 6370 ₽